Landmark Wedding Fair 2014

The Landmark Autumn Wedding Fair is considered the most prestigious in the location.  The popular event is well attended by brides-to-be with a range of ages from 20-60 years.  Brides-to-be also tend to bring their mothers and partners to the fair to meet the suppliers and find inspiration for their Special Day.LWF Autumn_2for1 entry

I was contacted by the Landmark Arts Centre and asked if I would like to have a stand at this wedding fair and be involved in the Bridal Fashion Show.Stand 1

My good friend Valerie agreed to help me set up my stand, ‘man’ my stand while I was busy with the models for the fashion show and be my model for the Bridal Hair and Make-up demo!  Val was an incredible help and a beautiful model bride.Stand 2Stand 3

In preparation for the wedding fair, I ordered my business cards from which I absolutely love.  It is great being able to have up to 50 different images on my cards as they are like a ‘mini portfolio’ to showcase my hair and make-up artistry.  I enjoy seeing which card each Bride-to-be choses. Moo cards FB

One of the unique features of the popular wedding fair are the fashion shows which take place at 12pm and 2pm during the fair.  This gives bridal houses an ideal opportunity to showcase their latest bridal wear to the visitors and is a tremendous draw for the brides.BTS 1BTS 2BTS 3

My friend and colleague  Sarah Stevens and I had an early start on the Sunday morning as we set up our kit in the upstairs studio at the Landmark Art Centre at 7.30 am. We styled hair and apply make-up for the 6 models taking part in the fashion shows.P1010029 - Copy

It was a busy morning for us, but we managed to get all the models done in time for the start of the show.


Sarah and I styled the models as ‘Brides’, keeping the make-up fairly natural but defining their best features.  Each model’s hair was styled in a pretty bridal look which suited their hair type.P1010041

Gemma Ross from TUCA Dance was Stage Manager for the fashion show.  She and the lovely models had a 20 minute ‘run-through’ in the morning before the show.FS 1

Gemma arranged the playlist for the show which was mainly made up of feel good ‘old classics’ like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Big Band tracks. FS 2FS 3

The Bridal Houses who provided the beautiful dresses were Emma Elizabeth Bridal, Lin Chan Bridal and Love me Do Brides. FS 6

The beautiful flowers for the fashion show were provided by Wildabout Flowers and The Bloomery.  The bridal flowers for the models were small, hand-held posies in neutral pastels.  As some of the gowns were blush pink / oyster the flowers complimented these colours alongside traditional white gowns.  The colour palette for the flowers at the end of the catwalk was more colourful. FS 4FS 5

After the first fashion show I returned to my stand to meet the Brides-to-be and to begin my Bridal Hair and Make-up demo on Val.Demo 1

I began by sectioning Val’s hair and curling the lengths with my GHD straighteners.  I back-combed the hair at the root and secured rollers at the crown of the head to create volume.  At the front of Val’s hair I created a French Plait to create interest.  Braids are very popular at the moment.

Demo 2Demo 3

Once the hair was prepared I began Val’s make-up. She has lovely eyes so I wanted to bring out the colour by using gold and bronze eye shadows with a hint of grey.  I created a soft smoky eye-liner to frame the eyes.  I always use a waterproof  mascara for the bride as I know there is bound to be a few tears of joy!

Demo 4Demo 5

The lipstick colour I chose for Val was a deep pink/burgundy which really suits her complexion.  Once I had completed the make-up I removed the rollers and finished styling Val’s hair.  I chose a pretty Bohemian style for this Bridal Look.

Demo 6Demo 8Demo 9

Ewa Morawski, a bridal hair accessory designer provided some of her pieces for the fashion show and for my hair demo.  She also kindly lent the pretty shawl for Val to wear for these pictures.

Post 1Post 2

I took a few photos of Val in front of this lovely display which was set up opposite my stand.  During our photo shoot this dashing, mystery man popped in to play our ‘Groom’!

Post 3

W4 Wedding Films were busy filming the highlights of the Landmark Wedding Fair. View this snippet of all that was on offer at the fair.

I think everyone enjoyed the Fashion Show and the Wedding Fair as a whole. It was great to meet some of the bridal couples planning their special day.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any enquires about my Hair and Make-up Artistry Service or if you would like to book a Bridal Trial.

It was good to meet some of the other suppliers and I would like to thank the follow who were involved in the Fashion Show:

Suzanne Mooney, the Wedding Fair Organiser for the Landmark Arts Centre.

Valerie Bland, my good friend, helper and model.

Sarah Stevens Hair & Make up. 

Ewa Morawski, bridal hair accessory designer

Gemma Ross, TUCA Dance (Stage Manager)

The Bridal Houses for the beautiful dresses:

Emma Elizabeth Bridal

Lin Chan Bridal

Love me Do Brides

Thanks to the 6  Bridal House Models too.

The gorgeous Flowers:

 Wildabout Flowers

The Bloomery

Capturing the Event

W4 Wedding Films

Matt Link Photography

Tasty Treats

I would like to mention Enjoy! the caterers who provided lunch for the exhibitors. Thank you, I loved your delicious 3 Cheese Frittata slice with Caramelised Onions, potato, roasted baby plum tomatoes and Asparagus!

Thank you Elle who kindly gave us some of her gorgeous cakes to sample!  Delicious!

Hampton Court Wedding Fair – 23 February 2014

On Sunday 23 February 2014 the stunning Hampton Court Palace held a well organised Wedding Fair.  I was invited to have a stand to showcase my Hair and Make-up Artistry Services to the many couples planning their weddings.

HCP Wedding Fair Spring 2014

My sister Shannyn graciously offered to help me set up my Hair and Make-up Artistry stand in The Garden Room.  Between assisting me, Shan enjoyed revisiting and exploring the beautiful surrounds of Hampton Court Palace.

Shan and Tiff

It was lovely to meet the happy couples who were excited to see what all the suppliers had to offer.

The Stand and Tiff

My friend Michelle very kindly agreed to be my model for the day.  I felt it was important for the Brides-to-Be to see my Hair Styling and Make-up Artistry skills in practice.

Michelle BeforePrepping hair 1

I started by curling the lengths of Michelle’s hair with my GHD Hair-straighteners.  I back-combed, close to the roots of the hair on the top of the head, to create volume. 

Prepping hair 2 

Once I had curled the hair at the crown of the head, I secured rollers to allow the curl to cool down in place.  This helps to add volume and creates a longer lasting curl.  

Prepping hair 3

Once the hair preparation was done I started the the Bridal Make-up application.  The products I use are a combination of Screen Face, MAC and a few other products I have tried and tested over the years to give the best possible results.  It is very important that the make-up is long-lasting and gives the best effect for the wedding photographs, which will be treasured for years to come!

The table

I matched a foundation to Michelle’s skin tone to give her a natural, yet flawless look.  I added blush to contour her cheek bones and give her a flush of colour.

Eye make-up

I wanted to bring out Michelle’s pretty eyes, so I used a combination of warm Gold and Terracotta colours on her eye lids and created a soft, smoky brown line under the eyes.   I applied a black liner close to her top lashes for more definition. Waterproof mascara is a ‘must’ when making up Brides as there are bound to be a few tears of joy!

Lip application

I chose a natural  lip liner with a touch of gloss to finish off Michelle’s Bridal Make-up.

Make-up finished

Once the make-up application was done, I removed the rollers in Michelle’s hair. 

Styling hair down 2Styling hair down 3Styling hair down 1Styling hair down 4

Tiff and Mich

I styled Michelle’s hair into a very simple, yet romantic Bridal look. I drew her hair up in sections on top of the head, but allowed tendrils to fall loose down the back of the head.

Mich hair down 1Mich hair down 2Mich hair down 4Mich hair down 5

I added a pretty diamanté slide to give a bit of ‘Bling’ but this style would be very pretty with natural flowers too.  This may be a good option for Brides wishing to wear their hair half up/half down on their Wedding Day.

Mich hair down 3

As I wanted to show the Brides another option for Bridal Hair, I changed Michelle’s hair style into a more sophisticated up-style. This style is very popular at the moment as it has a romantic ‘vintage feel’.

I created a braid on the side of the front of Michelle’s head accessorized with randomly placed spin-pin gems in her hair.

Mich hair up 1Mich hair up 2Mich hair up 3Mich hair up 5Mich hair up 4Mich hair up 6

I rolled Michelle’s hair upwards from the nape of her neck and secured it with pins.  I  placed two diamanté slides just above the rolls to finish off the look.

As every Bride is different I always recommend having a Bridal Hair and Make-up Trial before the wedding.  During this session I like to get to know the Bride and to hear what her ideal Hair and Make-up would be for her Special Day. Once the hair and make-up application is finished I am always happy to ‘tweak’ anything to make sure the Bride is truly happy with the look before her actual Wedding Day.

Mich hair up 1

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the couples wishing to get married in the next couple of years. I appreciate their interest and  I hope I will be of service to them on their Special Day.

It was also great to see some familiar faces and meet some of the new suppliers at the Fair. It is always interesting to see what is available to Bridal Couples planning their big day!

Thank you to the Hampton Court Palace team for organising a fantastic Wedding Fair:

Read about the stunning photo shoot done at Hampton Court Palace. It showcases some of the suppliers’ skills:

Please contact me if you would like to find out more about the Hair and Make-up Artistry Services I offer: