My family and I first visited Hampton Court Palace when I was a child on holiday in England. It felt like I had stepped into a Fairy Tale! I remember being so excited as we wandered around the splendour of the Palace and its gorgeous grounds! I was fascinated to learn about the history of this beautiful Palace and I imagined the Kings and Queens who had lived in these opulent rooms which I enjoyed exploring!


This year Hampton Court Palace has been granted a licence to hold Civil Ceremonies within The Great Hall and The King’s Guard Chamber, in addition to their current civil ceremony venues, The Garden Room and The Little Banqueting House.

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To celebrate this and promote it to the wider wedding world they planned to create a staged photo shoot within the palace. The images will be used in the Hampton Court Palace press release which is sent to a variety of national and local bridal magazines and event magazines.

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I was delighted to be contacted by The Hampton Court Palace Team who said I had been recommended to them and they would like to offer me the opportunity to be involved in this photo shoot! I was thrilled and honoured to be asked to work on such an amazing project!

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The shoot date was Tuesday the 23 July 2013 and timings were 17.00 to 20.00 hours. We arrived as the last few visitors wandered around the Palace. Sheila from BOA Boutique and I were provided with a room to style hair, apply make-up and dress our models in preparation for the photo shoot.

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I was excited to make the most of this unique opportunity to showcase my skills at Hampton Court Palace by doing the model bridal couple’s hair and makeup. Emma Rice played our gorgeous bride and Ste Hopps our handsome groom.

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The theme for this photo shoot was a 1920’s style. I styled Emma’s hair and make-up with a vintage feel which worked really well with her beautiful features. Ste did not need much make-up, but I slicked his hair into a 20’s style.

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The first location within the Palace was the Great Hall. This impressive room was built for Henry VIII in the 1530s. The Great Hall has played host to dance and drama over the years. The Abraham tapestries line the walls of this huge hall.

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Once the doors of the palace were closed to the public, the HCP team, caterers, florists, cake makers and equipment suppliers were able to set up the High Table in the Great Hall.

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They created a beautiful setting and an incredible feast for our ‘Mock Wedding’.

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The King’s Staircase made a fantastic second location for our ‘Wedding Shoot’. King William III employed the Italian painter, Antonio Verrio to create the illusion of a great Roman hall.

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The Privy Garden was our first outdoor location. This is a restoration of William III’s Privy Garden of 1702.

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The Hornbeam bower was created to provide cool shade on a hot day. This was very popular with the Ladies who preferred to maintain their fashionable pale complexions.

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The Pond Garden was a colourful location for our ‘Bridal Couple’. Apparently in Henry VIII’s era the ponds were stocked with fish for the palace kitchens. Queen Mary II preferred to keep her exotic plants here.

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The Kings Guard Chamber was our final location. King William III’s gunsmith, John Harris, created the room’s architectural décor out of 2,850 pieces of arms and armour. I find it incredible how weapons can create a beautiful artwork!

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Nick Rose was our photographer for the shoot. He did a brilliant job capturing beautiful images of our models at Hampton Court Palace.

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I thoroughly enjoyed working on this photo shoot.  About a week after the photo shoot, I received a lovely surprise in the post!

Thank you from HCP

I was thrilled to take advantage of my complimentary tickets and enjoyed exploring Hampton Court Palace again!

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Hampton Court’s recommended Wedding Industry Suppliers worked well together to create this ‘staged wedding’ at Hampton Court Palace.  I think everyone did a fantastic job within their field as the images that we created are absolutely stunning!

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Thank you to all those who were involved:

The Hampton Court Palace Team:

Jessica Ferguson

Tiffany Marks

Jo Jennings


Caterer: Rhubarb http://www.rhubarb.net/

Florist: Lavender Green http://www.lavendergreen.co.uk/

Cake Supplier: Domino Purchas http://www.dominopurchas.com/

Bridal ware: BOA Boutique http://www.boa-boutique.co.uk/

Menswear: Steven Bishop http://www.stephenbishopsuiting.com/

Equipment: Great Hire http://www.greathire.co.uk/

Photographer: Nick Rose http://www.nickrosephotography.com/


Emma Rice http://www.emmarice.co.uk/

Ste Hopps http://www.bmamodels.com/model-details?modelno=5095&cat=1

Hair & Makeup: Tiffany Cartwright http://www.tiffanycartwright.com/

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. This Sunday, 3 November 2013 I will have a stand in the Garden Room at the Hampton Court Palace Wedding Fair.  I am excited to promote my services at this beautiful venue.

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