Halloween Make-up

WARNING:  Sensitive viewers may find the following images extremely disturbing and may feel a little queasy!

If you enjoy the thrill of horror movies and don’t mind a little gore, continue ……………

IMG_3864 - Copy

Halloween is always a fun time of year for me, as I am in my element when given a creative project.

Tara & Tiff

I thrive, creating make-up to deceive the eyes – making a fantasy believable through special effects or body painting.

Cimas Burn by Laurie Macpherson

‘Burn Victim’ photographed by Laurie Macpherson.

Joker Matt

Whether it is a beautiful mystical creature or a gruesome ghoul I love getting my hands dirty for my art!

Fight scene by Will White2

‘Fight Scene’ photographed by Will White.

If you would like to have creative make-up done for a  Halloween Party please contact me  …….. if you dare!